Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

It is the male reproductive organs of planets. Collected by bees, and they secretes on it some saliva secretions which adds the healing characteristics. It is the main source of proteins and vitamins for honey bee consumption.


Composition of Bee pollen:

1- proteins: about 25 35% of bee pollen is proteins. Most of it an essential amino acids needed by human body and our bodies cannot synthesize it.
2- sugars: 35%
3- fats: 5%
4- water: 8-12%
5- vitamins: B complex vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
6- minerals: contains many essential minerals. Such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, copper, and lead.
7- enzymes: it contains many enzymes, such as invertase, phosphatase, amylase, catalase, saccharase, diastaseetc.

How to use it:

The dose adjusted according to the age and weight of patient, also his nutritional and health status is important. Generally for adults: take food-spoon-full once daily dissolved in worm milk. For children, take middle spoon. Note: the use depends on the disease. Ask about that, call 800100 (Kuwait) or email us.


Dont use in:

1- hypersensitivity of digestive or respiratory system.
2- stomach or duodenum inflammations (some cases).
3- diabetic patients (should take moderate amount).



1- important for body building, it contains many vitamins and amino acids, so it improves appetite and help gains weight. It is recommended at recovery after surgery or after recovery from long lasting disease to add vitality to body.
2- It increases fertility.
3- reduces anxiety.
4- good for anemia.
5- regulates intestine movements, so it is good for chronic constipation or diarrhea.
6- improves prostate function, and it supports enlarged prostate patients.
7- anti-inflammatory.
8- good for liver disease.
9- stimulates immune system.
10- helps reduce blood cholesterol level.
11- reduce blood hypertension.
12- rich nutrient for skin and good for skin beauty.
13- good for pregnant and lactating women.
14- improves brain activity and memory.
15- helps reduce hair loss greatly.
16- reduce symptoms of menopause.
17- strength capillaries.
18- antibiotic.
19- improves body storage of vitamin C.


1- Protect from sun light, it destroys a lot of enzymes, vitamins and flavonoids.
2- It can be mixed with honey for protection and for usage.
3- keep the jar with as little air as possible.
4- keep it in a tightly closed jar. It absorbs humidity from air and that casue fungal growth over it.
5- protect it from heat.