It is a resin-wax substance, collected by honey bees from buds of some trees and oozes from the bark of other trees. Bees use it to sterile the hive and the comb. Its color ranges from brown to dark green or gray or even back.

Composition of propolis:
1- resin-wax substances: 55%. 2- waxes 7.5 – 35%. 3- volatile oils: 10%. 4- bee pollen: 5%. 5- organic and metal substances: 5%. 6- vitamins and other substances: 4.4 – 19%.

How to use it:
For adults take 1 gram daily. If it is in liquid form, take 15 to 30 drops dissolved in any liquid, except milk.

Don’t use in:
1- Hypersensitivity towards propolis (can be treated).
2- Pregnant women at her first, second, and last month of pregnancy.
3- Infants less than one year and half of age.

1- Regulates immune system work.
2- Anti-cancer, it stimulates the macrophage cells, and inhibit the cancer cells of colon cancer and leukemia.
3- Anti-hypersensitivity, it inhibits histamine by a substance called quercetin, example is hay fever.
4- Natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, such as helicobacter and TB bacteria.
5- Anti viral (influenza).
6- Anti-fungal, and it is the strongest substance against Candida.
7- Antiseptic and anti-infection, it contains benzoic acid.
8- Anti-inflammatory.
9- Anti-tumor and it contains some flavonoids,.
10- Strengths and re-juvenile skin and mucus membranes.
11- Reduce blood hypertension.
12- Improves bile secretions, which digests fat.
13- Increases the lymph cells activity to eat foreign cells.
14- Reduces and inhibits acute respiratory distress.
15- Good healer for inflammation or ulcer of stomach and duodenum.
16- Local used for: acne, abscess, deep fungal infections, eczema, skin abscess, anal and peri-anal abscesses.
17- Helps in forming new tissues and muscles at wounds.
18- Used to maintain and protects natural health.
19- Locally good for arthritis and for muscle-joint infections.

Propolis does not needs special storage. It is better to store it in dark bottle, tightly closed. And also away form light and heat. It is better to use fresh propolis for medical purpose.