Bee Wax

Bee Wax

A yellow colored substance, has a good aroma, secreted by special wax glands located at bee’s lower abdomen. It is used to build the hive and comb.


Composition of Wax:
It is a mixture of elements and pigments. It contains also aromatic substances gives the wax special color and aroma. It may contains also 5% of bee pollen and propolis.

How to use it:
Take one middle-spoon-full of bee wax (comb) with honey, and chew for 10 minutes, 3-5 times daily. You can swallow it after that, as it soft on stomach.


1- Anti-inflammatory: chronic nasal sinusitis, soar throat, vocal cords inflammations, gum inflammations, and digestive system inflammations.
2- Good as laxative, it is used for constipation cases and other digestive system disorders.
3- in cosmetics: used in creams, lipstick, soaps, and hair removal preparations.
4- Hay fever.
5- The importance of wax is that is carry other substances of different uses.


Store in dark, cold and clean place.