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It is a sweet sticky substance, produced by honey bee from flowers nectar and some other liquids from planet parts.   Read more

Bee Wax

A yellow colored substance, has a good aroma, secreted by special wax glands located at bees lower abdomen  Read more

Royal Jelly

It is a thick liquid rich in nutrients, secreted by throat glands located at bees head. It is used to feed bee larvae, and it is the only food for the queen.  Read more


It is a resin-wax substance, collected by honey bees from buds of some trees and oozes from the bark of other trees.   Read more

Bee Pollen

It is the male reproductive organs of planets. Collected by bees, and they secretes on it some saliva secretions which adds the healing characteristics. It is the main source of proteins and vitamins for honey bee consumption.  Read more