On 1991, Al-Owaid Honey Center for Apitherapy started as the first honey center specialized with healing by bee’s products in scientific method. By this, Al-Owaid Honey is the leader in introducing the apitherapy – an important branch of complementary medicine – to our region.

From that time, Al-Owaid succeeded in many projects, both locally and internationally, through supporting scientific researches and seminars. As another step, Al-Owaid owned the representation of the German Apitherapy Society in Kuwait.

The Center also build and expand a strong relations with international societies related to the science of apitherapy, such as: American Apitherapy Society (AAS), German Apitherapy Society (GAS), International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations (APIMONDIA), and International Bee Research Association (IBRA).

Al-Owaid Center also take care towards building an educated team, scientifically and practically, to serve the science of apitherapy.
Nevertheless, Al-Owaid holds many seminars on apihterapy by international apitherapist and apitherapy researchers, at hospitals, universities, schools, and public halls; as a part of Al-Owaid’s strategy to introduce the science of apitherapy to the general public.

Locally, Al-Owaid Honey Center for Apitherapy provide the high quality services to customers through 18 branches cover